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Questions / Issues Regarding Web Design or SEO Services

General Questions not relating to any issues.

General questions regarding consultation can be sent to support [at] with the subject "General Question Regarding Design & SEO".

I've lost my purchase ID to verify my purchase of web design or SEO services.

Take a deep breath, don't worry, and send us an email at support [at] with the subject "Lost My Purchase ID" and your first / last name.

When verifying my purchase, the page said: "This Purchase ID has already been authenticated."

Sometimes our system likes to play early and late April Fools Day tricks. We've told it not to, but it doesn't listen. Email us at support [at], with the subject "ID Already Used", your full first and last name and your Purchase ID to help resolve this issue.

"Invalid Purchase ID."

Sometimes in the process of directing you to a payment processor, it may fail to record the purchase ID and the associated form information. Send us an email at support [at], with the subject "ID Does Not Exist", your full first and last name, your Order ID / Number and the zipcode used in your billing / shipping address.